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Home Supplies::Household Utensils total(22) with waiting offers
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Sell:cookware,kitchenware,tableware,cooler/shopping bag
:by :Susan Young:home:144551-2009-07-30
We supplier many kinds of kitchenware ,saucepot,frying pan,coffee pot,non-stick pan ,tableware such as ceramic cups,pottery,cutlery ,cooler bags and shopping bags and so on .

Sell:pvc 3d mug
:by :karl chou:home:132130-2009-02-03
The mug's group include two parts ,The plastic body and The outside 3D PVC wrap ,It is not only environmental protection but also nontoxic. It's bright color ,good touch feeling ,fashion ,high-class ,strong 3D effect make It be very welcome to kids, Another ,The mug has good view ,advertise, adorn effects ,So that it is a very good articles for enterprise's promotion. you can get more details form our website www.baiyu21.com

Sell:sell frosty beer mug
:by :karl chou:home:13958-2009-02-03
The frosty mug have double walls, It is made from Acrylic(sterile &innocuous material), There is some Special-purpose coolant between It is two walls, after frozen, The coolant came into the soft ice cream shape, and the expansion coefficient is small, not bulge lead to vessel broken, so that the mug is safe & non-toxic. It will not loss it is original color , quality , taste and purity ,It is suitable to the need of the human body is heat cycle exchanges.

Sell:Stainless steel ice bucket
:by :Keteng Stainless steel products Co.,Ltd:home:122727-2008-09-13
Keteng Stainless steel products Co.,Ltd ,its business scopes are:Stainless steel sanitary,stainless steel products,such as kitchen utensil,cooking utensil,gifts,daily utensil,hotel and medical apparatus and instruments,domestic appliances ,furniture,tableware,pet ware machinery,decoration,bar series etc. Business: Stainless steel bathroom products, Stainless steel toliet brushes, Stainless steel bread box, Stainless steel medicine box, Stainless steel trash can

Sell:Wholesale glass vase
:by ::home:Mon, 25 Feb 2008 06:30:29 UTC
Holy Arts

Sell:Supply China marble sink granite sink farm stone sink
:by :RebeccaChen:home:Mon, 4 Feb 2008 07:43:20 UTC
mail:homestonewerke@hotmail.com Home StoneWerke www.chinastonewerke.com manufacturing facilities mass produce and retail and distribute a full line of stone sinks, featuring granite vessel sink, marble vessel sink and onyx vessel sink granite sink,marble sink,Cobble sink,Stone Farm sink Mosaic sink,Onyx sink,fossil petrified wood sink,limestone sink, Travertine Sink,Sandstone Sink,pedestal sink,iron stonesink, stainless steel sink...

Sell:granite,marble,countertop,tile,vanity top,slab,flooring,paving stone,column
:by :RebeccaChen:home:Mon, 4 Feb 2008 03:43:44 UTC
Designs and supplies different type of countertops for kitchens and bathrooms Granite, |-Domestic Granite, |-Imported Granite, Marble, |-Imported Marble, Countertops, |-Countertops, |-Vanity Tops, |-Edge Profile ... --------------------------------------- Home StoneWerke Website:www.chinastonewerke.com http://stonewerke.win.mofcom.gov.cn Contact:Rebecca E-mail:homestonewerke@hotmail.com Tel:86-595-26932099 Fax;86-595-86592385

Sell:Selling China kitchen countertop vanity top Home StoneWerke
:by :RebeccaChen:home:Sun, 3 Feb 2008 12:16:43 UTC
manufacturer in China,supplying various marbles and granites kitchen and bathroom products such as Tile¡¢kitchen Countertops,Island countertop,worktop,bar topVanity Tops¡¢vanity top,bathroom vanity top,stone countertop,granite countertop,granite vanity top,marble vanity top,washing basin,sinks,basin,vessle sink,Stone Farm sink,bathtub,stone toilet... Home StoneWerke Website:www.chinastonewerke.com Contact:Rebecca E-mail:homestonewerke@hotmail.com Tel:86-595-26932099 Fax;86-595-86592385

Sell:washing basin|china sink|basin|Home StoneWerke www.chinastonewerke.com
:by :RebeccaChen:home:Wed, 30 Jan 2008 07:22:34 UTC
www.chinastonewerke.com,Home StoneWerke manufacturing facilities mass produce and retail and distribute a full line of stone sinks, featuring granite vessel sink, marble vessel sink and onyx vessel sink... The popular materials for stone vessel sinks are absolute black and golden rustic in granite, Egypt cream and evening cloud red in marble, and yellow onyx as well as beige travertine. Standard dimension for stone vessel sinks is 17¡± in diameter by 7¡± in height, which can also be customized. Home StoneWerke Website:www.chinastonewerke.com Contact:Rebecca E-mail:homestonewerke@hotmail.com Tel:86-595-26932099 Fax;86-595-86592385

Sell:Laundry Washing Ball
:by ::home:Fri, 11 Jan 2008 06:37:21 UTC
Dear Sir,We are one of a professional manufacturer

Sell:we supply all kinds of glassware, tableware, kitchenware, cups, mugs, pots, jars and coffee makers
:by :Ellawong:home:Sat, 5 Jan 2008 01:45:46 UTC
Our Shangpin Glassware Factory are the senior manufacturer of glassware, tableware and kitchenware. We supply all kinds of glass cups, mugs, teapots, jars, jugs and coffee makers. We can print the logo for you, also many flower print for your choice. It is really a good gift or presents for your friends and business partners. If any inquiry, please contact me in the phone: 86-20-28600223 or my mobile phone: 86-13828457500.

Sell:The latest supply of high-grade stainless steel outdoor supplies
:by ::home:Thu, 1 Nov 2007 08:09:14 UTC
Wonderful Industry

Sell:air cleaner
:by :Air purifier:home:Mon, 1 Oct 2007 08:49:13 UTC
AirVita is air purifier creating Anion by method of Plasma potential difference electric discharge that filters not required. AirVita is one of smallest and strongest air cleaner in the world so that is portable and easy to maintain, manage as well as has outstanding performance, functions, and design

Sell:wholesale or sell , arts and crafts, handcrafts, arts, gifts, root craft , root carving,
:by :candyzheng:home:Wed, 19 Sep 2007 03:13:44 UTC
We can offer many chinese special handcrafts, gifts such as: jade pendant, embroidered shoes, root letter (Chinese artistic character made of tree root), jade carving, seashell craftwork which are exquisite, graceful having high appreciate and collect value. Straw handcrafts, which are extremely good for Allhallowas' day and Christmas Day. Various styles and designs. More information welcome to our website Our website£ºwww.hy-jewelry.com http://wangyi.en.ec21.com MSN£ºhymytutu@hotmail.com Phone £º 86-594-2561108 Fax£º 86-594-2760312

Sell:movable house,steel mobile house,mobile shelter
:by :Cynthia Jo.:home:Sat, 12 May 2007 09:23:08 UTC
Slope Roof Mobile House Divided into Common house, Standard House and Luxury House. light steel frames with EPS walls and roofings giving simple but beautiful looks, quick installing, safe and waterproof. Widely used in temporary houses of construction sites, temporary offices, dormitory, stores, hospitals, schools, parkings, showrooms, repairing -houses and gasoline stations... cynthia@movablehouse.com

Sell:basement renovations
:by :Julia Smith:home:Sat, 21 Apr 2007 09:21:42 UTC
We are the basement renovation organisation who confer service to the customers overwhelmingly pleased and completely satisfied with our professionalism.

Sell:shower room,steam shower room,massage bathtub,SPA,galss basin,
:by :Peter:home:Thu, 19 Apr 2007 06:09:07 UTC
Dear sir or madam, How are you! We are kingart sanitary ware factory in china which mainly produce shower room,steam shower room,massage bathtub,SPA,galss basin,bathroom cabinets with PVC,MDF or wood,etc. For more information on our products,please visit ourwebsite:http://www.kingartgroup.com Our products are sold very well worldwide for its superior quality and favorable price.Espacially in the European countries,such as France,Norway,Sweden,Italy,Ireland,Russion and CIS countries etc. Having activities in this line for more than five years,and our exporting volume reach 5 million dollars annually.So we are confident and experienced to help you expand your market or stand in our market. If you have any requirement on our products,please feel free to contact us.You can e-mail or call me directly! We anticipate to establish good relationship with you! Best regards! chris Kingart sanitary ware MSN:kingart810@hotmail.com Mobil Phone:86-13868377696 TEL:86-571-83520288 FAX:86-571-83520287 Website;http://www.kingartgroup.com E-mail:kingart810@kingartgroup.com

Sell:Multifunctional Cup (Pot)
:by :LIQING:home:Sat, 30 Dec 2006 06:35:54 UTC
Introduction of Suiyi Practical New-type Multifunctional Cup (Pot) People like to have a cup of tea such as oolong, Pu'er tea and green tea etc in many occasions, so steeping tea has been an important part of daily life. A set of steeping wares with different size is necessary in traditional steeping method. Suiyiyu Company manufactures a sanitary and convenient tea ware named Suiyi Cup, which could control steeping time freely, and integrates tea pot, tea cup, communal cup, filter and water receiver. The material of Suiyi Cup is international advanced food-grade polycarbonate (PC), which is nontoxic, non-smell and firm. It is widely applied to advanced dinner set such as body of milk bottle for baby. Imported stainless steel fatigue proof spring owns a long useful life. 80 mesh imported stainless steel filtering net could filter out solid thoroughly. Switching valve includes stainless steel ball and silica gel, and silica gel is high temperature and pressure resistant like the sealing material of pressure cooker. The invention of Suiyi Cup promotes the development of steeping cup (pot) greatly, which is both practical and beautiful. Suiyi Cup has gained several patents including ZL200530200033.2, ZL200420095889.8, ZL200420095886.4, and ZL200520060591.8. Comparing with other similar products, Suiyi Cup shows advantages in below aspects. 1. It is more sanitary with a dust collecting cover above the mouth. 2. It is safer with an insulated handle of outer cup. 3. It is more convenient with a lever cup cover. 4. It is more free with a disassembly handle of PC outer cup. 5. It is more heat resistant with a high temperature resistant glass outer cup The description of Suiyi Cup is showed as below: () Specification (ml) Materials of outer cup Cup cover Handle Remark 300 Glass/PC Ordinary/lever Fixed/disassembly A choice of bottom plates is available. Colors could be customized. 500 Glass/PC Ordinary/lever Fixed/disassembly 1000 Glass/PC Ordinary/lever Fixed/disassembly http://xmsyy.yewu.com

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